Unifor Local 1285 Standing Committees — Elected June 2021 to 2023

If you are interested in participating in any of the committees, please don’t hesitate to contact the Chairperson below at the email or phone number and extension.

Aboriginal Workers of Colour Committee
Chairperson: Tricia Brown
Email: AW0C@uniforlocal1285.ca
Phone: (905) 451-8310 ext 250

Community Services Committee
Chairperson: Jayson MacPhee
Email: commservices@uniforlocal1285.ca
Phone: (905) 451-8310 ext 252

Constitution & By-Laws Committee
Chairperson: Dalyce Gabriel
Email: bylaws@uniforlocal1285.ca
Phone: (905) 451-8310 ext 251

Consumer Affairs Committee
Chairperson: Derek Hall
Email: consumer@ uniforlocal1285.ca
Phone: (905) 451-8310 ext 253

Education Committee
Chairperson: Charlene Ward
Email: education@uniforlocal1285.ca
Phone: (905) 451-8310 ext 254

EFAP Committee
Chairperson: Wendy Sherman
Email: efap@uniforlocal1285.ca
Phone: (905) 451-8310 ext 255

Environment Committee
Chairperson: Deb Valentine
Phone: (905) 451-8310 ext 256

Health & Safety Committee
Chairperson: Angelika Cerjanec
Phone: (905) 451-8310 ext 257

Human Rights Committee
Chairperson: Desmond Roychaudhuri
Email: humanrights@uniforlocal1285.ca
Phone: (905) 451-8310 ext 258

Local Elections Committee
Chairperson: Dariusz Greber
Email: elections@uniforlocal1285.ca
Phone: (905) 451-8310 ext 259

LGBTQ Committee
Chairperson: TBD
Email: LGBTQ@uniforlocal1285.ca
Phone: (905) 451-8310 ext 260

Recreation Committee
Chairperson: Sharlene Henry
Email: recreation@uniforlocal1285.ca
Phone: (905) 451-8310 ext 261

Strike Committee
Chairperson: Joe Taglieri
Email: strike@uniforlocal1285.ca
Phone: (905) 451-8310 ext 262

Union Label Committee
Chairperson: Patti Thomas
Email: unionlabel@uniforloca11285.ca
Phone: (905) 451-8310 ext 263

UPC Committee
Chairperson: James McDowell
Email: UPC@uniforlocal1285.ca
Phone: (905) 451-8310 ext 264

Womens’ Committee
Chairperson: Lori Kerr
Email: womens@uniforlocal1285.ca
Phone: (905) 451-8310 ext 265

Workers with DisAbility Committee
Chairperson: Tanya Boyd
Email: disAbility@uniforlocal1285.ca
Phone: (905) 451-8310 ext 266

Youth Committee
Chairperson: Matt Nurse
Email: youth@uniforlocal1285.ca
Phone: (905) 451-8310 ext 267

Canada Council Delegates

Danny Price
Maurice Kenny
Wayne Hunter
Lisa Contini
Ardis Snow
Joe Giorgi

Ontario Council Delegates

FCA Brampton
Lisa Contini
Bill Turner
Vito Beato
Jessica Ridgwell
Wayne Hunter
Ardis Snow
Maurice Kenny
Joe Giorgi
Mike (Spike) Allen
Danny Price
Paula Racicot
Dan Ingleston

Micellaneous Units
Jody Schneider – Android
Mark Brownridge – Martin Brower
George Avgeropoulos – Mopar Parts Depot
David Watts – Treehouse
Andrea Cubbage – FCA OC&E
Ed Flude – Team Industrial #1

Constitutional Delegates

Brampton Chrysler
Jaspal Brar
Vito Beato
Danny Price
Ardis Snow
Bill Turner
Lisa Contini
Laurie Fellows
Wayne Hunter
Mike Allen
Jessica Ridgwell
Tricia Brown
Wendy Oliver
Bill Apsey

Miscellaneous Units
Jody Schneider – Android
Ed Flude – Team Industrial #1
Mark Brownridge – Martin Brower
George Avgeropoulos – Mopar Parts Depot
Mark Keir – Mopar Parts Depot
Andrea Cubbage – FCA OC&E