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Although it’s been a busy summer for everyone, I hope you had a great summer. The kids have gone back to school and cooler weather is here. It won’t be long before we are in the middle of winter. Enjoy the remainder of your summer.     August 12, 2015 was a day of celebration at Brampton Assembly. Matt Liddane, Vice President of NAFTA Quality and Brian Harlow, Vice President of NAFTA Manufacturing were here to present the plant with 4 JD Power Awards. Our plant was only eligible for 4 JD Power Awards and we won them all! This is the first time in the history of the corporation that a plant has won them all. There were 5 presentations around the plant giving the employees the opportunity to be up close to the awards. You could feel the sense of pride everyone had for being part of winning these awards. Matt Liddane said he was so proud to be here to hand out these awards. We were up against a lot of great products and the hard work of the employees and attention to detail helped earn these awards. I reminded both Vice Presidents we did this with the oldest Paint shop in the corporation and an old Bodyshop and for them to imagine what we could achieve with the right investment. Brian Harlow commented on how proud he was to be at the plant to congratulate the employees of Brampton Assembly for winning 4 of the 5 JD Power Awards won by FCA in 2015.

On October 19th Canadians will decide who will form the next government. We have to ask ourselves, has the current Conservative government done what we asked of them when they were put in office. For me the answer is simple, NO. Stephen Harper announced while in Switzerland, that he would be increasing the age to collect Old Age Security from age 65 to 67, causing our seniors to work longer or live in poverty.The Conservatives have been the worst government for job creation, the worst in job quality creating more part time and precarious work while claiming to have created millions of good paying jobs, the worst in GDP Growth, the worst in “Real per Capita” GDP Growth, the worst in Household Debt and the second worst in Personal Income. The Research Department at the National Office has a full report showing these stats and many more for all the governments using annual data from 1946 through 2014 from Statistics Canada and other public sources. This report can be found at Of the nine postwar governments, this Conservative government is rated the worst and the second worst government was the Brian Mulroney Conservative Government from 1984 – 1993. The Harper Conservative Government was also the government in power that forced the Auto Industry to take major concessions in 2009 when Chrysler and GM went bankrupt. They attacked the workers for bad decisions made by the banks that caused the recession and gave the banks billions of dollars in bail out money with no need for repayment. This government also refused to double the CPP payments that would allow our seniors to retire in dignity. Every Provincial government was on board with the increase and the Harper government refused. The Harper government stole billions of dollars from the EI surplus and used it claiming they balanced the budget. Our military used to play a Peace Keeper roll but now we are in the middle of wars and our troops are in real danger. Canada is now threatened by these extremists. Harper pulled out of the Kyoto Accord and has done a horrible job with our environment. He is building pipe lines through our country for the export on Bitumen to be processed outside our country instead of creating those jobs in Canada. The list of the stuff Harper has done during his time in office is endless. So the real question is; who do we vote for? You need to look at what each party is saying. Who do you think would best represent the values you have as a Canadian? The real answer is; it isn’t the Conservatives. Look in your riding and decide who has the best chance of defeating the Conservatives and support that party. The answer is any party will do better than what this Conservative government has done to us and to Canada.

Our United Way campaign is underway. We had a fun week of activities with Balloon Pop, Hole in One Mini-Putt, and Shoot to Score – win a day off with pay, a Bar-B-Q lunch on Friday followed by a 50/50 draw and another 50/50 draw this Friday September 25th. Canvassers have been canvassing this week and will continue next week. We ask that you help those less fortunate than yourself. United Way of Peel gives individuals and families the opportunity to reach their potential and improve the quality of their life. United Way funds programs such as teaching conflict-resolution skills to “high risk” families, enabling seniors to live independently and helping high school students stay in school. United Way is committed to addressing the underlying causes of social problems such as poverty, hunger, homelessness and isolation. Because it takes a whole community working together to change social conditions, United Way works to build partnerships that rally communities, agencies, funders and other sectors to achieve shared goals.

The recent break from working every Saturday has been refreshing. According to the Brampton Blue Book Production Calendar, our next scheduled Saturday is October 17th. The remaining Saturdays for the year are scheduled. The 2016 Production Calendar has also been published. We are currently scheduled to work 36 Saturdays in 2016. The 2016 summer vacation schedule is also posted on the Production Calendar as July 18th and July 25th. Contractually this does not need to be confirmed until March 15th, 2016.

When the stores close on Thursday September 24th, 2015 will be the last day to purchase safety shoes under this year’s subsidy. Friday September 25th, 2015 is the first day of the new subsidy. Please contact your local store for closing times. The closest store to the plant is located at 2 Melanie Drive in Brampton. Safety shoes can also be purchased from the truck that visits the plant on the following schedule:

West Gate: Every Monday and every other Tuesday

East Gate: Every other Tuesday

North Gate: Every other Wednesday

The deadline to obtain a TPT application has passed. All applications need to be submitted by Monday September 21st, 2015 at 3 pm. Employees are reminded that all applicants must e-mail Tanya Michel at to confirm the application was received. If the applicant does not e-mail Tanya, they will not be contacted.

With only a one week shut down this year, more employees are taking vacation at different times of the year. Employees are required to allocate their vacation week on Dashboard to receive continuous pay. The company only locked in weeks for the scheduled down week. If you have any questions or problems with this, please see your committeeperson so you continue to receive your pay on time.

Union Awareness will start again after a summer break on September 28th. We encourage you to attend for some insight into your Union and to take the opportunity to ask questions and voice your concerns. It also gives you the opportunity to spend a day away from the plant.

Employees are reminded that when you are off work for any period of time, you are required to report your absence through the Absentee Hotline. Even when you have submitted your S&A forms to Manulife, you are still required to call in. If there are any questions on if you should call in, call in or contact your committee person. This could avoid any unnecessary discipline.

Together we are Stronger


In Solidarity,

Ardis Snow

Plant Chairperson

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Unifor Women’s Skilled Trades & Technology – Awareness Program – September 13th-18th, 2015 – Family Education Centre, Port Elgin

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