group_photo_50_th_anniversary_01_01_1588x489Wasn’t That a Party!
The Company finally had our 50th year Anniversary Party celebrating it only a year late but as they say better late than never. It was nice to see some of the retirees come out to this event including Mike Luff Sr. who started working here when the place opened in 1963, also in attendance were: Herbert Harvey, Paul Ransom, Rod Cameron, Stewart Barnes, Boyd Norman, Manny Arruda, Linda Hurley, Irene Carvalho, Frank Barnes, Amy Mahal, Milka Miscevic, Diane Williams, Eddy Travassos, John Massa, Jessie Nicoll, Connie Bianca, John Payne, Wayne Lucas, Allan Harbinson and retirees from our Local Vince Bailey and Gerry Harvey. Also from the Local were Leon Rideout, Maurice Kenny, Danny Price and from our National office, Paulo Ribeiro.