Mopar Parts Depot


Unit Chairperson: Todd Riverso
Tel: 905.821.6099
6500 Mississauga Road, Mississauga, ON L5N 1A8Plant Chairperson’s Report
April 2015 – Plant Chairperson’s Report
February / March 2015 – Plant Chairperson’s Report
November 2014 – Plant Chairperson’s Report
March 2014 – Plant Chairperson’s Report

This world class logistics facility houses not only the National Parts Distribution Centre, but also the Ontario regional office, a service training school, the National Fleet and Lease Department, and houses Chrysler parts for distribution to Ontario dealers. The plant was opened in 1972 and serves as the P.D.C. for Ontario region dealers.

Benefits and Services Provider Reference

In-Plant Committee

Afternoon Shift Committeeperson/Negotiating Committee George Avgeropoulos 905.821.6099
Health & Safety/Benefits/Equity Rep
Health & Safety/Benefits/Equity Rep Report
Dave Derouin 905.821.6184
Women’s Advocate
Women’s Committee Report
Gwen Campbell 905.821.6034
Negotiating Committee Walter Hinton
WCL Co-ordinator
WCL Coordinator Report
Neil Smyth 905.821.6136

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Fall Update – Newsletter Article – September 9, 2015