Unifor Ontario Regional Council Report

The 2nd Unifor Ontario Regional Council took place in Toronto from November 21st through to November 22nd 2014 and was attended by 551 people who comprised of Delegates, Retirees, Observers, Guests, etc.

Council Chair Dino Chiodo opened the meeting with a welcome to all and held a moment of silence to respect all those who have passed away. There was a traditional Aboriginal greeting and prayer led by Candace Lavalley to give thanks.
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Unifor 1st Canadian Council Report

Jaspal Brar

The first Unifor Canadian Council was held at the Vancouver Convention Centre during September 12th 2014 through to September 15th 2014 and was attended by about 1400 people which included Delegates, Staff and Guests.

There were 10 recommendations out of which 8 were discussed and accepted, due to time constraints 2 recommendations were removed to be brought up at a later time. There were also 6 Resolutions which were also discussed and accepted, these documents are available in the Union Office.
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Unifor Ontario Regional Council November 18-23, 2014

Report by: Maurice Kenny, 1st Vice President

Unifor’s first year video was presented at Council. I recommend you take a moment to view it on our Local website. Over 550 people were in attendance for this council held in Toronto. Future Ontario Regional Council meetings will be reduced to one per year.
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Unifor Ontario Regional Council Report – November 2014

From November 21/14 to November 23/14, I attended Ontario Regional Council in Toronto at the Sheridan Center Hotel. Council was called to order at 9:00 am by the Ontario Regional Chairperson Dino Chiodo (President of Local 444). Dino recognized the retiree chapter of our Union and announced there will now only be one Ontario Regional Council per year.
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Ontario Regional Council Report – Nov 21-23, 2014

Greetings, fellow 1285 members.

I have had the privilege to attend Council on your behalf as one of the delegates. We had a productive weekend with a full agenda and a lot of work was done on the Recommendations and Resolutions. In addition to debates on staff reports, we even had the opportunity to take part in a lunchtime rally organized by the Ontario Health Coalition at Queen’s Park to save and preserve the many services provided by our local hospitals. Below is a summary of what was covered at the convention.
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UNIFOR’S First Canada Council Report – Sept 13 – 15, 2014

Report by: Danny Price & Lisa Contini

It was a privilege to participate and be elected delegates at the first annual Unifor Canada Council meeting. Unifor is the largest private sector union in Canada with over 300 000 members. For the first time, all Unifor council representatives assembled under one roof since the formation of Unifor a year ago. There was a great video on the accomplishments of Unifor – A year in Review. Over 1400 delegates from all across Canada participated in this 3-day meeting. With 10 recommendations, 6 resolutions, by-laws and financials, strike appeal, some discussion papers and a number of guest speakers, it was a lot to cover over 2 and a half days.
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Unifor Canadian Council Report – September 13 – 15, 2014

From September 13 – 15, 2014 I attended the first Unifor Canadian Council in Vancouver, British Columbia. Peter Kennedy – Secretary Treasurer called the meeting to order at 9 am. He welcomed all the delegates and staff to the first Canadian Council of all the Regional Councils. Peter then introduced the Mayor of Vancouver, Gregor Robertson.
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Unifor’s 1st Canadian Council Sept 13-5, 2014 Report – Maurice Kenny – 1st Vice President

This council had a lot on its agenda, with 10 recommendations and 6 resolutions all too long in text to reproduce here. There were 1,400 people in attendance. The Mayor of Vancouver Gregor Robertson, who is seeking a third term, stated “he is proud of our relationship with the union movement in our city.” “With growing inequality, one of the best solutions is a negotiated union wage.”

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Unifor Ontario Regional Council April 25-7, 2014 – Maurice Kenny – 1st Vice President

Brampton Chrysler employee Patricia Johnston provided an aboriginal greeting to Council.

“Please clear our minds so that we’ll have good thoughts of others, clear our eyes so that we’ll only see good things in others. Clear our ears so that we’ll only listen to good things about others, clears our mouths so that we’ll only speak good about others, cleanse our whole being so that we may portray the good in ourselves through our actions.”

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