Unifor Ontario Regional Council Report

The 2nd Unifor Ontario Regional Council took place in Toronto from November 21st through to November 22nd 2014 and was attended by 551 people who comprised of Delegates, Retirees, Observers, Guests, etc.

Council Chair Dino Chiodo opened the meeting with a welcome to all and held a moment of silence to respect all those who have passed away. There was a traditional Aboriginal greeting and prayer led by Candace Lavalley to give thanks.
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Unifor 1st Canadian Council Report

Jaspal Brar

The first Unifor Canadian Council was held at the Vancouver Convention Centre during September 12th 2014 through to September 15th 2014 and was attended by about 1400 people which included Delegates, Staff and Guests.

There were 10 recommendations out of which 8 were discussed and accepted, due to time constraints 2 recommendations were removed to be brought up at a later time. There were also 6 Resolutions which were also discussed and accepted, these documents are available in the Union Office.
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